Disney’s Frozen is Turning Movie Into a Stage Musical


Disney’s Frozen is Turning Movie Into a Stage Musical


New York City – January 13, 2014 Even the movie was out of cinemas, but Disney’s Frozen still talked with the question of whether or not the runaway success of Frozen might earn the movie musical a flashy Broadway adaptation. Well, now Disney has confirmed to turn Frozen into a stage version.

According to much of reviews of Frozen, they thought that Frozen is a blast of a movie with hilarious moments, dark meaning and emotional message. This movie would make people cry, laugh and feel amazing after watching. This is probably the best animated movie I’ve seen this year, simply marvelous and excellent. The Disney familiar concepts of love and bravery are demonstrated, as well as kindness, determination, and the horrors of your fears and stress also the meaning of “true love“. A bit darker than most Disney films, it will also touch and amuse even teenagers. This movie has the same kind of humor as the last movie from these creators.

The storyline is heart melting, filled with the pure feeling and heart that has become a staple with the best Disney movies. It is a moving story that has family at its center. It is unpretentious in what it is trying to portray. The comedy hits right on the mark and the action packed adventure and thrilling journey make this a tale with a little bit of everything in the exact right amounts. It is a daring movie that is laugh out loud at the some moments and stunning and provoking at others. A true triumph in story telling that proves exactly what Disney does best and again proving that they are back to producing top quality films. This is an affecting human story, one that is significant.

But EW report warns there has been little obviousness about whether this stage production would be a full-on Broadway extravaganza, or perhaps a lower-key production intended for theatrical attractions in Disney’s parks same as Finding Nemo – The Musical. However, that it would be positively insane for Disney not to capitalize on the massive popularity of the movie and its music in a way that could start on the Great White Way and then expand all across America in theatrical tours. That’s what The Lion King‘s stage ever show did, and it’s the only theatrical production to have made $1 billion to date. With Frozen racing to dethrone The Lion King movie as Walt Disney Animation Studio’s highest animated release, it’s improbable the studios execs are not eyeing Broadway.

Besides Frozen is become a Broadway hit! Consider its cast, which is famous with Broadway stars like Idina Menzel, Santino Fontana, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad. Along with Kristen Bell, they have already sold the songs as far as their Broadway potential. And the soundtrack on top the Billboard Music Charts and winning widespread fan devotion online. Of course, that’s little wonder by the songs were written by Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Disney Theatrical Productions Limited, also known as Disney on Broadway, once billed as Hyperion Theatricals is the flagship stageplay and musical production company of the Disney Theatrical Group, a self-contained division of The Walt Disney Company.

In this February, look for Aladdin to hit Broadway this February.




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