Sleeping Beauty

In a faraway land

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen

who were very unhappy because they had no children.

Finally their wish was granted.

A daughter was born and they called her Aurora


after the Goddess of the Dawn,

for she filled their lives with warmth.

To celebrate her birth,

a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom.

Knights and ladies, townspeople and peasants

from all the surrounding kingdoms

were invited to attend the festivities.


King Hubert brought his young son prince Phillip

and the two kings announced that one day

the neighboring kingdoms would be united

by the marriage of Princess Aurora to Prince Phillip.


As the merriment continued three beautiful fairies

and their attendants arrived to bless the infant

with their gifts of beauty, grace and happiness.

All was perfect until an unexpected visit

by the evil fairy Maleficent and her ravens.

Furious at not being invited Maleficent announced,

that she too had a gift for the baby.

The Princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty,

beloved by all who know her.

But before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday,

she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and – die!”

As the evil Maleficent vanished in a cloud of smoke,

a sadness fell over the Kingdom.

It was then that the third fairy Merryweather stepped forward.

For she had not yet given her gift,

and though she did not have the power to undo the fearful curse,

she could change the prophecy allowing the

princess to fall into a deep sleep only to be awoken

by true loves first kiss.


Still fearful for his daughter’s life,

the king declared that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should,

on that very day be burned.

The fairies, still unsure, she would be safe,

persuaded the King and Queen to let them

take Aurora away to raise her in the forest.


And for sixteen long years the Princess, grew up,

hidden away with the birds, butterflies, and flowers for her friends

Finally on the day of Auroras 16th Birthday,

she would be taken back to the castle

where the entire kingdom

was awaiting the return of their beloved Princess.

There would be a great gathering including performances

by Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb

and friends, Blue Bird and Puss ‘n Boots.


Yet, in the midst of the celebration,

Maleficent disguised as an old beggar

would join the festivities unnoticed by all

– all except the Princess herself.

And as she had done before, Maleficent cast a spell on Aurora

– drawing her to the spinning wheel

until she couldn’t resist to touch the spindle.

As the Princess fell at the feet of the King,

the fairies realized what had happened,

they could not believe they had left the Princess alone

for even one moment.

They knew what must be done,

and with a wave of their hands

– they sprinkled sleep-dust on the entire kingdom.


Then set off to find Prince Phillip

and convince him that he must find the castle and defeat Maleficent

The Prince went on farther.

All was so still that he could hear his own breathing.

At last he reached the tower and opened the door

into the little room where the Princess was asleep.

There she lay, looking so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her.

He bent down and gave her a kiss.

As he touched her,

Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and smiled up at him.


Throughout the castle,

everyone and everything woke up

and looked at each other with astonished eyes.


Within the month,

the Prince and Sleeping Beauty were married

and lived happily all their lives.

Disney Sleeping Beauty Cartoons

The End